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Predicting Trump: The Five Points

December 3, 2016

From the Breitbart site, a prediction of the Trump presidency from early actions:

  1. He will keep his promises and keep in close touch with his supporters, as well as all Americans.  And if that means bypassing the MainStream Media, well, the MSM will have to deal with it. 
  2. As befits the author of the classic book, The Art of the Deal, he will be a hands-on, deal-making activist on behalf of jobs and growth.
  3. He will adopt an inclusive, even magnanimous, approach to governing, befitting a leader who has pledged to be president for all Americans.  And that means making room, at least a little, for even “Never Trump” Republicans.
  4. He will govern in a common-sense spirit, however politically incorrect.
  5. He will uphold center-right American nationalism, even if the liberal elite hates it.


Even though there is potential subjectivity in this, these are relatively concrete. I know others who think Trump will disappoint many of his supporters. We’ll see…