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A Prediction About the Vote Recount 2016

November 27, 2016

On the Breitbart site by LeeTimmer. We’ll see…

I don’t think Trump and his people understand exactly what’s going on here. This isn’t about the recount but about casting doubt on our electoral process. The election won’t be overturned, but the Dimwits will attempt to delay the process long enough for Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to miss their deadlines for filing with the Electoral College. Then, the House must decide whether to delay certification or proceed without them. If the House proceeds without those states, the Dimwits can cry, “See! Trump was selected by the Congress, not the people!” They still, to this day, say Bush 43 was “selected” by the Supreme Court. They’re also trying to start the movement to abolish the EC by making the process look as cumbersome and ridiculous as possible. They want to embarrass Trump, true, but their main goal is direct election by popular vote.

Trump Will Have Major Problems Within First Year

November 12, 2016

That is the prediction from David Brooks of the New York Times:

“After all, the guy will probably resign or be impeached within a year. The future is closer than you think.”

And Michael Moore makes a similar prediction, with a “could” attached:

“Moore also suggested that Trump could wind up getting impeached before his first term is up, saying, “He doesn’t support any ideology except the ideology of Donald J. Trump. And when you have a narcissist like that who’s so narcissistic where it’s all about him. He will break laws. He will break laws, because he’s only thinking about what’s best for him.”


Trump’s Promises

November 9, 2016

See this article. This is a major set of tasks.

Trump Wins

November 9, 2016

My predictions after the victory, left on the Breitbart website:

Congrats to the Breitbart crowd. You won it all. I’ll make this prediction: wealthy people will do very well with Trump as president and a Republican Congress. The more difficult predictions are: will we really see upwards of 10 million people deported, and will Mexico pay for the wall? Of that, I’m not so sure. I think the trade deals will be reversed, causing a combination of job losses and job gains. Internationally, the US will challenge its allies to absorb more of the defense burden, leading to increased militarization in Europe, Japan, etc. Russia will be happy as we pull out of those regions.

Electoral Vote Predictions for 2016

November 6, 2016

Aggregator source: here organization: 272 to 215

Princeton Election Consortium: 323 to 215

Predictwise: 322 to 216

NYT Upshot: 252 to 163

270 electoral votes are required to win. Only the NYT poll does not predict an outright win for HRC.

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